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Curlew - Numenius arquata

This page shows maps of 10km squares where this species was recorded during the first and second breeding atlases, the winter atlas and the change in distribution between the two breeding atlases. See the main pages for detailed descriptions of the Atlas survey and mapping methods.

Compare Breeding Atlas I and Atlas II side by side
Curlew coverage (number of squares recorded)
Channel Isles not included - see notes for details

Years Br present Ir present Br breeding Ir breeding Br total Ir total Both
1968-72 233 139 1714 697 1947.0 836.0 2783.0
1988-91 539 406 1354 265 1893.0 671.0 2564.0
Change % . . . . -2.8 -19.7 -7.9

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