White-throated Robin Irania gutturalis   [Guérin-Méneville, 1843]

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Order: Passeriformes Family: Turdidae
BTO Codes: , WHTRO EURING No: 11170
Number in Britain: Fewer than 20 records
Conservation Status:
UK: Not Assessed
European: Not a species of concern
Global: (Details)
Status in UK: (A)  Accidental
Subspecies: Monotypic
Length: 16 cm Wingspan: 28 cm Weight: M/F: 22 g    
Scientific name from: after Iran and L.: guttur=the throat
World Distribution: Turkey & sw Asia
Habitat: Forest edge, scrub
Diet: Mainly insects, also fruit in autumn
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Other Names

Gaelic: Welsh: Robin Gyddfwyn
Danish: Hvidhals Dutch: Perzische roodborst
Finnish: Valkokurkkusatakieli French: Iranie à gorge blanche
German: Weißkehlsänger Hungarian: Fehértorkú fülemüle
Icelandic: Sólskotta Irish:
Italian: Pettirosso golabianca Norwegian: Hvitstrupenattergal
Polish: Iranka Portuguese: Rouxinol-de-garganta-branca
Spanish: Ruiseñor pintado Swedish: Vitstrupig näktergal

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