Short-toed Treecreeper Certhia brachydactyla   [CL Brehm, 1820]

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Order: Passeriformes Family: Certhiidae
BTO Codes: TH, SHTTR EURING No: 14870
Number in Britain: 0 records/year
Conservation Status:
European: Not a species of concern
Global: (Details)
Status in UK: (A)  Accidental
Subspecies: undetermined recorded in Britain (of 6 subsp. in the world)
Length: 12 cm Wingspan: 19 cm Weight: M/F: 10 g    
Scientific name from: Gr.: kerthios=small tree-dwelling bird described by Aristotle and others and Gr.: brakhus=short + dactulos=finger
World Distribution: Europe (except n)
Habitat: Woodland , towns
Diet: Insects and spiders, from crevices in trunk, feeds going up tree
Identification Tips:
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  Sound from xeno-canto

Records and Distribution

First Record: Kent, 1969 (Scott, R.E. 1976. British Birds 69:508-509)
Total Number of Records (1950-2007): 24 Summary of Records by Year
Most Likely to Occur in: Too few records
Most Recent County Records:
   North-east England: East Yorkshire (1970),
   North-west England:
   English Midlands:
   Eastern England: Essex (2005),
   South-east England: Kent (2005),
   South-west England: Dorset (1979),

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Other Names

Gaelic: Welsh: Dringwr Bach Bodiau-cwta
Danish: Korttået træløber Dutch: Boomkruiper
Finnish: Etelänpuukiipijä French: Grimpereau des jardins
German: Gartenbaumläufer Hungarian: Rövidkarmú fakusz
Icelandic: Garðfeti Irish:
Italian: Rampichino Norwegian: Kortklotrekryper
Polish: Pelzacz ogrodowy Portuguese: Trepadeira-comum
Spanish: Agateador común Swedish: Trädgårdskrypare

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