Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus   [Linnaeus, 1758]

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Order: Anseriformes Family: Anatidae
BTO Codes: LC, LWFGO EURING No: 1600
Number in Britain: 2 records/year
Conservation Status:
UK: Not Assessed
European: 1 Global Conservation Concern; Endangered
Global: Vulnerable (Details)
Status in UK: (A)  Accidental
Subspecies: Monotypic
Length: 60 cm Wingspan: 128 cm Weight: M/F: 2.1 kg    
Scientific name from: L.: anser=a goose and Gr.: eruthrus=red + -pous=foot
World Distribution: BREEDS: n Scandinavia & Siberia, WINTERS: south to s Europe, India & Japan
Habitat: Open tundra & lakes
Diet: Mostly shoots and leaves
TitBit: A sighting of Britain's second Lesser Whitefront on the Severn led the great naturalist Sir Peter Scott to set up the Wildfowl Trust (now WWT) at Slimbridge, a move which led to the BBC's Natural History Unit being established in Bristol.  
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Records and Distribution

First Record: Northumberland, 1886 (Palmer. P 2000. First for Britain & Ireland, Arlequin Press. [502.74 PAL])
Total Number of Records (1950-2007): 122 Summary of Records by Year
Most Likely to Occur in: December to March
Most Recent County Records:
   Scotland: Argyll (1986), Angus & Dundee (1989), Clyde (1974), Dumfries & Galloway (1996), Upper Forth (1960), Outer Hebrides (2001),
   North-east England: Northumberland (1978), East Yorkshire (1996),
   North-west England: Lancashire (1985),
   English Midlands:
   Eastern England: Essex (1986), Lincolnshire (1943), Norfolk (1997), Suffolk (1964),
   South-east England: Kent (1994),
   South-west England: Gloucestershire (2003), Wiltshire (1976),
   Wales: Carmarthen (1971), Ceredigion (1955),

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Other Names

Gaelic: Gèadh-bhlàr-beag Welsh: Gwydd Dalcen-wen Leiaf
Danish: Dværggås Dutch: Dwerggans
Finnish: Kiljuhanhi French: Oie naine
German: Zwerggans Hungarian: Kis lilik
Icelandic: Fjallgæs Irish: Mionghé Bhánéadanach
Italian: Oca lombardella minore Norwegian: Dverggås
Polish: Ges mala Portuguese: Ganso-pequena-de-testa-branca
Spanish: Ansar careto chico Swedish: Fjällgås

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Books and Monographs:
   Kear, J 2005 Ducks, geese and swans Oxford University Press [598.48 KEA]
   Cabot, D. 2009 Wildfowl Collins, London
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