Cory’s Shearwater Calonectris borealis   [Corry, 1881]

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Order: Procellariiformes Family: Procellariidae
Number in Britain: 1500 records/year
Conservation Status:
UK: Not Assessed
European: 2 Concern, most in Europe; Vulnerable
Global: (Details)
Status in UK: (A)  Passage Visitor
Subspecies: borealis (SM), diomedea (V) recorded in Britain (of 3 subsp. in the world)
Length: 46 cm Wingspan: 115 cm Weight: M/F: 950 g    
Scientific name from: Gr.: kalos=beautiful + nektris=swimmer and L.: boreas=the north
World Distribution: BREEDS: is of e Atlantic and Mediterranean, RANGES: Atlantic
Habitat: Pelagic, breeds in island burrows & crevices
Diet: Mostly fish, some squid and crustaceans also offal, mostly at night
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Records and Distribution

First Record: Devon, 1933 (Palmer. P 2000. First for Britain & Ireland, Arlequin Press. [502.74 PAL])
Summary of Annual Totals
Distribution by County

Other Names

Previously Calonectris diomedea
Gaelic: Welsh: Aderyn-Drycin Cory
Danish: Kuhls skrĺpe Dutch: Kuhls pijlstormvogel
Finnish: Keltanokkaliitäjä French: Puffin cendré
German: Gelbschnabel-Strumtaucher Hungarian: Mediterrán vészmadár
Icelandic: Urđaskrofa Irish: Cánóg Cory
Italian: Berta maggiore Norwegian: Gulnebblire
Polish: Burzyk zóltodzioby Portuguese: Pardela-de-bico-amarelo
Spanish: Pardela cenicienta Swedish: Gulnäbbad lira

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Books and Monographs:
   Thibault, J-C. et al. 1997 BWP Update 1:75-98
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