Pomarine Skua Stercorarius pomarinus   [Temminck, 1815]

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Order: Charadriiformes Family: Stercorariidae
BTO Codes: PK, POMSK EURING No: 5660
Number in Britain: Unavailable
Conservation Status:
European: Not a species of concern
Global: (Details)
Status in UK: (A)  Passage Visitor
Subspecies: Monotypic
Length: 48 cm Wingspan: 132 cm Weight: M/F: 750 g    
Scientific name from: L.: stercus=dung + -arius=belonging to and Gr.: pomato=lid + rhinos=nose
World Distribution: BREEDS: Greenland, n Russia, n North America, WINTERS: southern oceans
Habitat: Tundra, in winter seacoasts
Diet: Summer, Lemmings, also eggs and birds, winter fish, occasionally steals or scavenges
TitBit: The curious name for this scarce migrant derives from the thin plates that overlay the base of the bill in all skuas (from the Greek pomato=lid and rhinos=nose).  
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Other Names

Pomarine Jaeger
Gaelic: Fŕsgadair-donn Welsh: Sgiwen Frech
Danish: Mellemkjove Dutch: Middelste jager
Finnish: Leveäpyrstökihu French: Labbe pomarin
German: Spatelraubmöwe Hungarian: Szélefarkú halfarkas
Icelandic: Ískjói Irish: Meirleach Pomairíneach
Italian: Stercorario mezzano Norwegian: Polarjo
Polish: Wydrzyk teposterny Portuguese: Moleiro-pomarino
Spanish: Págalo pomarino Swedish: Bredstjärtad labb
Local Names: Pom

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Books and Monographs:
   Furness, R.W. 1987 The skuas Poyser, Calton [598.614 FUR]
   Olsen, K.M. & Larsson, H. 1997 Skuas and Jaegers Pica Press, Sussex [598.614 OLS]
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