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Summary of all Ringing Recoveries for Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)

This page presents information on recoveries of Blue Tit that have been ringed or recovered in Britain & Ireland. The map shows all records of birds ringed in Britain & Ireland and recovered abroad (purple) and birds ringed abroad and recovered in Britain & Ireland (orange).
The table then summarises the number of birds that have moved between different counties of Britain & Ireland and between other countries and then gives a selection of recoveries. First are listed the number of birds found in each county, then the number of birds ringed in each county. In the next two columns are listed the number of birds ringed abroad and found in Britain & Ireland and the then number of birds ringed in Britain & Ireland and found abroad.

A selection of recoveries are given in full because they represent particularly long-lived birds (the national longevity is indicated with a link to details of this record), birds which have moved a long distance within Britain and Ireland, birds which have gone to, or come from countries with few such recoveries, or because few birds of this species have been recovered, or because the report has been flagged as interesting, usually from having moved a long distance in a small number of days. NOTE: For some sensitive species, co-ordinates may be inaccurate (by up to 5km) in which case they are preceded by a c. or witheld. In this case the county is given, in a small number of cases this too may be inaccurate. For birds that have moved more than 20km a link is provided to a map showing ringing and finding locations. Ringing location is marked by a blue (R), finding locations are numbered in sequence, if there are more than ten finding locations, subequent markers will be labelled (x). Finding markers are coloured red for birds found dead and green for birds seen alive, for those where this is not known the marker will be white. If a bird is found multiple times at the same site only one marker will be visible.

If the map links do not work, you may need to enable ActiveX controls or click to allow Blocked Content depending on your browser.

For longevity and distance records an individual is only included once, for reports to and from countries an individual may be reported multiple times, particulary if it bears a colour mark or other means of identification in the field. Some older (mostly foreign) recoveries are also included where these were received in the year reported on. For full details of how these birds have been selected click here.

For other information, have a look at the BirdFacts page for Blue Tit


Number of birds ringed or recovered in counties of Britain & Ireland, or countries overseas

County Ringed in Found in Country Ringed in Found in
Anglesey 30 35 Belgium 4 2
Antrim 30 27 Channel Islands 1 0
Avon 411 347 English Channel and Irish Sea 1 5
Bedfordshire 150 168 France 1 5
Berkshire 690 724 Germany 1 2
Borders Region 40 42 North Sea 0 4
Britain 0 5 Norway 2 0
Buckinghamshire 648 795 The Netherlands 1 0
Cambridgeshire 443 438
Central Region 69 42
Cheshire 409 475
Cleveland 253 215
Clwyd 237 234
Cork 13 14
Cornwall 87 86
Cumbria 447 447
Derbyshire 362 344
Devon 451 458
Dorset 275 256
Down 43 38
Dublin 18 17
Dumfries & Galloway 75 78
Durham 133 157
Dyfed 137 141
E.Leinster 0 3
E.Ulster 11 18
England 0 7
Essex 723 721
Fife Region 92 94
Glamorgan 171 173
Gloucestershire 392 405
Grampian Region 132 130
Greater London 744 819
Greater Manchester 233 182
Gwent 86 100
Gwynedd 115 108
Hampshire 980 1,005
Hereford & Worcester 298 326
Hertfordshire 1,289 1,121
Highland Region 373 376
Humberside 279 209
Isle of Man 111 110
Isle of Wight 34 38
Kent 1,252 1,305
Kerry 3 3
Kilkenny 1 0
Lancashire 514 559
Leicestershire 306 328
Limerick 3 3
Lincolnshire 700 738
Londonderry 24 25
Lothian Region 176 179
Louth 1 1
Mayo 1 1
Merseyside 394 330
Monaghan 1 1
N.Munster 2 2
Norfolk 1,163 1,133
North Yorkshire 703 773
Northamptonshire 330 295
Northumberland 526 525
Nottinghamshire 747 727
Offaly 7 7
Oxfordshire 1,048 973
Powys 87 94
Roscommon 1 0
S.E.England 0 1
Scilly Isles 13 12
Scotland 0 1
Shetland 0 1
Shropshire 375 366
Sligo 1 1
Somerset 241 286
South Yorkshire 303 252
Staffordshire 200 226
Strathclyde 128 148
Suffolk 711 731
Surrey 1,300 1,203
Sussex 853 845
Tayside 178 177
Tipperary 5 5
Tyne & Wear 208 182
Tyrone 5 5
W.Connaught 0 1
Warwickshire 426 427
Waterford 9 9
West Midlands 234 203
West Yorkshire 415 502
Wexford 1 3
Wicklow 19 17
Wiltshire 293 281
TOTALS 25,422 25,415 TOTALS 11 18

Foreign location of birds ringed or recovered in Britain & Ireland:

Colour of location: Ringed in Britain & Ireland, Found Here; Ringed Here, Found in Britain & Ireland

A selection of interesting recoveries:

The longevity record for this species is: 9 years 9 months 2 days set in 1990 (Full details).
The following birds are the oldest reported from Britain & Ireland
A691347 Juvenile 27-06-1980    Tunstall, Sittingbourne: 5119'N 043'E (Kent)
Freshly dead  (disease) 29-03-1990    Sittingbourne: 5120'N 044'E (Kent)   2km   9y 9m 2d 
JE10704 Juvenile Male 09-06-1974    Attenborough: 5251'N 114'W (Nottinghamshire)
Caught by ringer 25-02-1984    Attenborough: 5251'N 114'W (Nottinghamshire)   0km   9y 8m 16d 
H632396 Juvenile 30-08-1992    Meols, Wirral: 5323'N 39'W (Merseyside)
Freshly dead  (bird of prey) 29-03-2002    Meols, Wirral: 5323'N 39'W (Merseyside)   0km   9y 6m 27d 
KV31629 First-year 29-01-1978    Batson: 5015'N 346'W (Devon)
Dead 22-07-1987    Batson: 5015'N 346'W (Devon)   0km   9y 5m 23d 
J274921 Juvenile 06-09-1993    Tain: 5748'N 44'W (Highland Region)
Dead  (cat) 28-01-2003    Tain: 5748'N 44'W (Highland Region)   0km   9y 4m 22d 

The following birds moved the greatest distance within Britain & Ireland (more than 100km):
P793913 Adult 04-10-2003    Bardsey Island: 5245'N 448'W (Gwynedd)
Caught by ringer 23-10-2003    Cape Clear: 5126'N 931'W (Cork)   354km   WSW   0y 0m 19d  (Map)
L684245 First-year Male 11-12-2010    near Acomb: 5459'N 27'W (Northumberland)
Caught by ringer 19-11-2011    Fairlight Place Farm, Fairlight: 5052'N 038'E (Sussex)   493km   SSE   0y 11m 8d  (Map)
A79739 First-year 11-01-1958    Middlesbrough: 5435'N 114'W (Cleveland)
Dead  (in building) 14-12-1958    Friston, Eastbourne: 5046'N 012'E (Sussex)   435km   SSE   0y 11m 3d  (Map)
C397511 Nestling 02-06-1985    Dirleton: 563'N 248'W (Lothian Region)
Freshly dead  (cat) 28-12-1989    Upper Longdon, Rugeley: 5243'N 155'W (Staffordshire)   375km   S   4y 6m 26d  (Map)
N638490 Nestling Male 05-06-2000    Littlebeck: 5426'N 039'W (North Yorkshire)
Caught by ringer 01-06-2003    Uskmouth, Newport: 5132'N 258'W (Gwent)   358km   SSW   2y 11m 27d  (Map)

The following birds ringed in Britain & Ireland have been found abroad (countries with 5 or fewer such recoveries):
HK74575 Full-grown 18-10-1967    Beachy Head: 5044'N 015'E (Sussex)
Dead  (storm) 06-07-1969    near Coast of Sussex: c. 5048'N 030'E (At Sea) English Channel and Irish Sea   20km   ENE   1y 8m 18d 
HS09479 First-year 04-10-1968    Beachy Head: 5044'N 015'E (Sussex)
Dead 28-04-1969    near Coast of Sussex: c. 5048'N 030'E (At Sea) English Channel and Irish Sea   20km   ENE   0y 6m 24d 
HV21165 First-year 08-10-1969    Probably near Coast of, Lincoln: c. 5330'N 012'E (Lincolnshire)
Dead 03-05-1970    near Coast of Lincolnshire: c. 5324'N 018'E (At Sea) North Sea   13km   SSE   0y 6m 25d 
JJ02484 First-year 26-08-1972    Sea View Farm area: c. 5324'N 012'E (Lincolnshire)
Freshly dead 28-04-1973    near Coast of Lincolnshire: c. 5324'N 018'E (At Sea) North Sea   7km   E   0y 8m 2d 
A15412 Full-grown 11-04-1955    Dungeness: 5055'N 059'E (Kent)
Dead  (hit by train) (20-12-1955)  Fontaine sur Somme, Hallencourt: 502'N 156'E (Somme) France   119km   SE   0y 8m 9d  (Map)
JR01336 First-year Female 06-09-1973    near Bessingham: c. 5253'N 113'E (Norfolk)
Dead 22-11-1977    near Coast of Norfolk: c. 530'N 054'E (At Sea) North Sea   25km   WNW   4y 2m 16d  (Map)
JN98865 First-year 12-10-1973    Place name unknown: c. 5054'N 10'E (Kent)
Freshly dead  (cat) 17-12-1973    Place name unknown: c. 4948'N 024'E (Seine-Maritime) France   129km   SSW   0y 2m 5d  (Map)
JX04145 First-year 19-08-1974    Teesmouth: 5436'N 16'W (Cleveland)
Caught by ringer 10-10-1974    near Coast of Yorkshire: c. 5442'N 16'W (At Sea) North Sea   12km   N   0y 1m 21d 
JP29612 First-year 26-09-1974    Probably near Coast of, Dorset: c. 5030'N 230'W (Dorset)
Freshly dead  (hit by car) (04-06-1975)  near Coast of Dorset: c. 5030'N 224'W (At Sea) English Channel and Irish Sea   8km   E   0y 8m 9d 
JP23622 Adult 17-10-1974    Margate Beach: c. 5124'N 124'E (Kent)
Caught by ringer 05-10-1975    Place name unknown: c. 516'N 336'E (Oost-Vlaanderen) Belgium   157km   ESE   0y 11m 18d  (Map)
KB27055 Adult 21-03-1975    Spelsbury Barn Farm: 5154'N 130'W (Oxfordshire)
Caught by ringer 15-09-1975    near Coast of Somerset: c. 5118'N 36'W (At Sea) English Channel and Irish Sea   129km   WSW   0y 5m 25d  (Map)
E46652 First-year 11-10-1957    Dungeness: 5055'N 059'E (Kent)
Alive  (on ship) 20-03-1958    Le Havre Light Vessel, 10 miles, Nw of Le Havre: 4932'N 09'W (At Sea) English Channel and Irish Sea   174km   SSW   0y 5m 9d  (Map)
E26767 Full-grown 12-12-1957    Place name unknown: 5059'N 057'E (Kent)
Dead  (hit by car) 04-05-1958    Blomberg: 5157'N 95'E (Detmold) Germany   573km   E   0y 4m 22d  (Map)
E81230 Full-grown Male 15-12-1957    Marston, Grantham: 5254'N 038'W (Lincolnshire)
Dead 18-01-1959    Wassigny: 500'N 336'E (Aisne) France   435km   SE   1y 1m 3d  (Map)
C89382 Full-grown 08-03-1958    Eythorne: 5112'N 117'E (Kent)
Freshly dead 14-12-1959    Marquise: 5048'N 142'E (Pas-de-Calais) France   53km   SSE   1y 9m 6d  (Map)
F25088 First-year Male 31-03-1958    Dungeness: 5055'N 059'E (Kent)
Dead 14-04-1959    Dusseldorf: 5113'N 647'E (Dusseldorf) Germany   406km   E   1y 0m 14d  (Map)
K37192$ Full-grown 06-04-1958    Spurn Point: 5335'N 06'E (Humberside)
Dead 12-04-1958    Tourcoing: 5044'N 310'E (Nord) France   379km   SSE   0y 0m 6d  (Map)
K691737 First-year Female 24-11-1996    Windlesham: 5122'N 041'W (Surrey)
Caught by ringer 12-03-1997    St Laureins: 5115'N 331'E (Oost-Vlaanderen) Belgium   292km   E   0y 3m 16d  (Map)

The following birds ringed abroad have been found in Britain & Ireland (countries with 5 or fewer such records):
BLB Adult Female 10-10-2008    Essen: 5128'N 428'E (Antwerpen) Belgium
10945741 Caught by ringer 13-10-2009    Garboldisham: 5223'N 056'E (Norfolk)   263km   WNW   1y 0m 3d  (Map)
BLB First-year 28-07-1957    Opbrakel: 5048'N 345'E (Oost-Vlaanderen) Belgium
17A1076 Dead 15-02-1958    Thirsk: 5414'N 120'W (North Yorkshire)   514km   NW   0y 6m 18d  (Map)
BLB Nestling 24-05-1996    Eigenbilzen: 5052'N 535'E (Limburg) Belgium
5419742 Caught by ringer 16-01-1997    Kingsnorth Power Station, Hoo St Werburgh: 5125'N 035'E (Kent)   354km   W   0y 7m 23d  (Map)
BLB Nestling Male 05-06-1996    Mellier: 4946'N 531'E (Luxembourg) Belgium
5522516 Caught by ringer 20-10-1996    Dungeness: 5055'N 057'E (Kent)   348km   WNW   0y 4m 15d  (Map)
CIJ Juvenile 07-09-1988    Le Foulon: 4928'N 234'W (Guernsey) Channel Islands
A50313 Caught by ringer 25-10-1988    St Alban's Head: 5035'N 23'W (Dorset)   129km   NNE   0y 1m 18d  (Map)
HJ86537 Adult Male 04-11-1967    Morecambe Bay: c. 546'N 254'W (At Sea) English Channel and Irish Sea
Freshly dead  (trapped) 26-12-1967    Place name unknown: c. 546'N 254'W (Lancashire)   0km   0y 1m 22d 
FRP Full-grown 02-10-1959    Cap Gris Nez: 5052'N 135'E (Pas-de-Calais) France
16654 Dead 28-11-1959    Gravesend: 5126'N 022'E (Kent)   106km   NW   0y 1m 26d  (Map)
DFR First-year 25-06-1957    Hammerstein: 5028'N 722'E (Koblenz) Germany
H352016 Caught by ringer 28-04-1958    Portland Bill: 5031'N 227'W (Dorset)   694km   W   0y 10m 3d  (Map)
NLA First-year Female 07-10-2010    Vinkenbaan: 5140'N 341'E (Zeeland) The Netherlands
AS33435 Caught by ringer 18-03-2011    Sandwich Bay Estate: 5116'N 123'E (Kent)   166km   WSW   0y 5m 11d  (Map)
NOS First-year Male 05-10-2012    Lista Fyr, Farsund: 586'N 634'E (Vest-Agder) Norway
HC40333 Caught by ringer 17-10-2012    Lerwick: c. 608'N 110'W (Shetland)   496km   WNW   0y 0m 12d  (Map)
NOS First-year Male 06-02-1993    Austad, Flekkefjord: 5817'N 641'E (Vest-Agder) Norway
E376947 Caught by ringer 17-10-1994    Fagbury, Trimley St Mary, Felixstowe: 5157'N 117'E (Suffolk)   782km   SSW   1y 8m 11d  (Map)

Citation:Robinson, R.A. & Clark, J.A.(2014) The Online Ringing Report: Bird ringing in Britain & Ireland in 2013 BTO, Thetford (http://www.bto.org/ringing-report, created on 30-May-2014)

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