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Summary of all Ringing Recoveries for Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)

This page presents information on recoveries of Kestrel that have been ringed or recovered in Britain & Ireland. The map shows all records of birds ringed in Britain & Ireland and recovered abroad (purple) and birds ringed abroad and recovered in Britain & Ireland (orange).
The table then summarises the number of birds that have moved between different counties of Britain & Ireland and between other countries and then gives a selection of recoveries. First are listed the number of birds found in each county, then the number of birds ringed in each county. In the next two columns are listed the number of birds ringed abroad and found in Britain & Ireland and the then number of birds ringed in Britain & Ireland and found abroad.

A selection of recoveries are given in full because they represent particularly long-lived birds (the national longevity is indicated with a link to details of this record), birds which have moved a long distance within Britain and Ireland, birds which have gone to, or come from countries with few such recoveries, or because few birds of this species have been recovered, or because the report has been flagged as interesting, usually from having moved a long distance in a small number of days. NOTE: For some sensitive species, co-ordinates may be inaccurate (by up to 5km) in which case they are preceded by a c. or witheld. In this case the county is given, in a small number of cases this too may be inaccurate. For birds that have moved more than 20km a link is provided to a map showing ringing and finding locations. Ringing location is marked by a blue (R), finding locations are numbered in sequence, if there are more than ten finding locations, subequent markers will be labelled (x). Finding markers are coloured red for birds found dead and green for birds seen alive, for those where this is not known the marker will be white. If a bird is found multiple times at the same site only one marker will be visible.

If the map links do not work, you may need to enable ActiveX controls or click to allow Blocked Content depending on your browser.

For longevity and distance records an individual is only included once, for reports to and from countries an individual may be reported multiple times, particulary if it bears a colour mark or other means of identification in the field. Some older (mostly foreign) recoveries are also included where these were received in the year reported on. For full details of how these birds have been selected click here.

For other information, have a look at the BirdFacts page for Kestrel


Number of birds ringed or recovered in counties of Britain & Ireland, or countries overseas

County Ringed in Found in Country Ringed in Found in
Anglesey 18 14 Belgium 27 15
Antrim 11 8 Canary Islands 0 1
Armagh 0 1 Channel Islands 2 5
Avon 53 36 Czech Republic 1 0
Bedfordshire 34 51 Denmark 8 0
Berkshire 31 53 English Channel and Irish Sea 0 2
Borders Region 32 32 Finland 52 1
Britain 0 3 France 4 180
Buckinghamshire 249 149 Germany 3 7
Cambridgeshire 222 226 Luxembourg 1 1
Carlow 1 1 Morocco 0 4
Central Region 9 12 North Sea 0 2
Cheshire 105 100 Norway 35 5
Clare 0 2 Poland 1 0
Cleveland 22 31 Portugal 0 3
Clwyd 26 26 Spain 2 19
Cork 4 10 Sweden 48 1
Cornwall 8 38 The Netherlands 57 17
Cumbria 233 158
Derbyshire 165 112
Devon 24 55
Donegal 1 1
Dorset 29 82
Down 0 11
Dublin 5 6
Dumfries & Galloway 203 74
Durham 13 64
Dyfed 21 29
E.Leinster 1 1
E.Ulster 3 2
England 0 2
Essex 180 196
Fair Isle 8 3
Fife Region 13 19
Galway 3 4
Glamorgan 6 18
Gloucestershire 17 47
Grampian Region 94 62
Greater London 120 103
Greater Manchester 154 104
Gwent 42 36
Gwynedd 7 16
Hampshire 88 134
Hereford & Worcester 25 50
Hertfordshire 158 126
Highland Region 93 65
Humberside 79 109
Isle of Man 27 19
Isle of Wight 22 26
Kent 91 161
Kerry 2 4
Kildare 1 5
Lancashire 328 265
Leicestershire 110 98
Leitrim 0 1
Leix 0 1
Limerick 1 2
Lincolnshire 224 305
Londonderry 1 4
Lothian Region 30 37
Mayo 1 1
Merseyside 73 71
N.Munster 1 2
Norfolk 229 246
North Yorkshire 264 222
Northamptonshire 88 107
Northumberland 176 110
Nottinghamshire 99 108
Orkney 104 87
Oxfordshire 94 102
Powys 8 17
Roscommon 0 2
Scilly Isles 6 4
Scotland 0 1
Shetland 1 4
Shropshire 42 49
Sligo 0 1
Somerset 16 48
South Yorkshire 100 85
Staffordshire 21 53
Strathclyde 122 113
Suffolk 93 146
Surrey 131 97
Sussex 116 160
Tayside 39 42
Tipperary 3 3
Tyne & Wear 43 29
Tyrone 0 2
Warwickshire 122 100
West Midlands 47 38
West Yorkshire 103 166
Western Isles 1 1
Wexford 2 5
Wicklow 21 15
Wiltshire 264 208
TOTALS 5,877 5,855 TOTALS 241 263

Foreign location of birds ringed or recovered in Britain & Ireland:

Colour of location: Ringed in Britain & Ireland, Found Here; Ringed Here, Found in Britain & Ireland

A selection of interesting recoveries:

The longevity record for this species is: 15 years 11 months 1 day set in 2003 (Full details).
The following birds are the oldest reported from Britain & Ireland
EN90689 Nestling 24-06-1987    Duddington: 5235'N 033'W (Northamptonshire)
Dead 25-05-2003    Luffenham, Rutland: 5237'N 038'W (Leicestershire)   7km   NW   15y 11m 1d 
318953 Nestling 19-07-1947    Bromham: 529'N 031'W (Bedfordshire)
Sick  (injury) 05-01-1962    Shelford: 5258'N 11'W (Nottinghamshire)   97km   NNW   14y 5m 17d  (Map)
EN52276 Nestling Female 31-05-1987    Southdown Farm, Salisbury Plain: 511'N 151'W (Wiltshire)
Dead  (in building) 01-06-2001    Coln St Aldwyns, Cirencester: 5146'N 146'W (Gloucestershire)   84km   N   14y 0m 1d  (Map)
EK4077_ Nestling Male 25-07-1986    Formby: 5334'N 33'W (Merseyside)
Sick  (disease) 29-01-2000    High Town, near Liverpool: 5331'N 34'W (Merseyside)   6km   SSW   13y 6m 4d 

The following birds moved the greatest distance within Britain & Ireland (more than 100km):
ES71118 Nestling 28-06-2004    Harray: 592'N 311'W (Orkney)
Freshly dead  (hit by car) 11-11-2004    Loddiswell, Kingsbridge: 5019'N 349'W (Devon)   970km   S   0y 4m 14d  (Map)
EK27733 Nestling 20-06-1986    Clunois Reservoir, Nairn: 5729'N 355'W (Highland Region)
Dead  (drowned) (18-11-1986)  St.Buryan: 504'N 537'W (Cornwall)   831km   S   0y 4m 29d  (Map)
3001552 Nestling 15-07-1955    Harray: 593'N 315'W (Orkney)
Dead  (shot) 25-09-1955    Loxwood, Billinghurst: 514'N 032'W (Sussex)   904km   S   0y 2m 10d  (Map)
EP87758 Nestling Female 27-06-1989    Site Confidential (Orkney)
Freshly dead 25-11-1989    Yeovil: 5057'N 238'W (Somerset)   895km   S   0y 4m 29d  (Map)
EG58679 Nestling 22-06-2001    Lealty, by Evanton: 5742'N 422'W (Highland Region)
Dead 30-11-2001    Cadwgith, Helston: 4959'N 512'W (Cornwall)   859km   S   0y 5m 8d  (Map)

The following birds ringed in Britain & Ireland have been found abroad (countries with 5 or fewer such recoveries):
EJ74165 Nestling 25-06-2004    Beeches Farm, near Sandycroft: 5311'N 259'W (Clwyd)
Dead  (drowned) 30-10-2004    Vallee Des Vaux, Trinity: 4913'N 26'W (Jersey) Channel Islands   445km   S   0y 4m 5d  (Map)
EN70450 Nestling 18-06-1986    Cadishead: 5326'N 228'W (Cheshire)
Caught by ringer 17-09-1986    la Fougeraie: 4927'N 221'W (Sark) Channel Islands   443km   S   0y 2m 30d  (Map)
EC96142 Nestling 02-07-1967    Buckden, Skipton: c. 5411'N 26'W (North Yorkshire)
Dead 11-06-1970    Place name unknown: c. 5924'N 518'E (Rogaland) Norway   732km   NE   2y 11m 9d  (Map)
EL79517 Nestling 10-06-2005    Langford, Mundford: 5232'N 043'E (Norfolk)
Freshly dead  (disease) 22-12-2005    near Nador: c. 3336'N 343'W Morocco   2,134km   S   0y 6m 12d  (Map)
340735 Nestling 02-07-1949    Brownside,burnley: 5348'N 214'W (Lancashire)
Freshly dead  (shot) 24-01-1951    Trollhattan: 5817'N 1220'E (Alvsborg) Sweden   1,031km   ENE   1y 6m 22d  (Map)
ED17745 Nestling 27-06-1969    Myredykes, Saughtree: c. 5517'N 238'W (Borders Region)
Dead (22-05-1971)  Place name unknown: c. 3224'N 854'W Morocco   2,592km   SSW   1y 10m 25d  (Map)
ED41740 First-year 28-09-1971    Beachy Head, Eastbourne: 5044'N 014'E (Sussex)
Long dead 09-10-1971    near Coast of Sussex: c. 5048'N 030'E (At Sea) English Channel and Irish Sea   21km   ENE   0y 0m 11d  (Map)
EF58831 Nestling 13-06-1972    Leigh: c. 5330'N 230'W (Greater Manchester)
Sick  (shot) 19-01-1974    Place name unknown: c. 396'N 842'W (Ribatejo) Portugal   1,668km   SSW   1y 7m 6d 
Alive  (in building) 14-10-1974    Place name unknown: c. 5330'N 230'W (Lancashire)   0km   2y 4m 1d 
EF88832 Nestling 11-06-1974    near East Wallhouses: c. 550'N 154'W (Northumberland)
Dead 15-09-1975    near Coast of Durham: c. 5454'N 118'W (At Sea) North Sea   40km   ESE   1y 3m 4d  (Map)
EF60469 Nestling 20-06-1974    Burnfoot, Carsphairn: c. 5512'N 412'W (Dumfries & Galloway)
Freshly dead  (shot) 27-12-1974    Place name unknown: c. 4930'N 236'W (Guernsey) Channel Islands   642km   S   0y 6m 7d  (Map)
YD0351 Juvenile 11-08-1957    Fair Isle: 5932'N 137'W (Fair Isle)
Freshly dead  (shot) 15-09-1960    Ovre Sirdal: 5848'N 645'E (Vest-Agder) Norway   483km   E   3y 1m 4d  (Map)
329142 Adult Female 20-09-1957    Isle of May: 5611'N 233'W (Fife Region)
Dead 20-04-1962    Aremark: 5915'N 1141'E (Ostfold) Norway   910km   ENE   4y 7m 0d  (Map)
ED20468 Nestling 11-07-1977    Marsh Farm area: c. 5142'N 124'W (Oxfordshire)
Freshly dead 24-02-1978    near Coast of Lincolnshire: c. 5324'N 018'E (At Sea) North Sea   222km   NNE   0y 7m 13d  (Map)
EW84694 Nestling Female 09-07-2011    Site Confidential, near Ryecroft Fm, Ryehill: c. 5342'N 09'W (Humberside)
Caught by ringer 19-12-2011    Hoffelt: 505'N 555'E Luxembourg   579km   SE   0y 5m 10d  (Map)
EH38839 Nestling 17-06-1979    Ballater: c. 573'N 32'W (Grampian Region)
Alive (26-02-1980)  Site Confidential Morocco   2,439km   S   0y 8m 9d  (Map)
EJ80297 First-year Female 19-10-1983    Fair Isle: 5932'N 137'W (Fair Isle)
Freshly dead 23-10-1983    Anneland, Sandoy: 6053'N 458'E (Sogn og Fjordane) Norway   393km   ENE   0y 0m 4d  (Map)
EN98269 Nestling Female 12-06-1988    Belmont, Bolton: 5338'N 230'W (Lancashire)
Caught by ringer 15-01-1989    Le Hurel: 4911'N 22'W (Jersey) Channel Islands   495km   S   0y 7m 3d  (Map)
EP86939 Nestling Female 19-06-1988    Mark, near Pinwherry: 559'N 445'W (Strathclyde)
Freshly dead  (hit by car) 30-07-1989    Hadnafjellet, Tysvaer: 5920'N 530'E (Rogaland) Norway   771km   NE   1y 1m 11d  (Map)
EP82912 Nestling 24-06-1988    Braemar: 570'N 324'W (Grampian Region)
Freshly dead  (on ship) 10-06-1989    Site Confidential (At Sea) English Channel and Irish Sea   852km   SSW   0y 11m 17d  (Map)
ER28286 Nestling 25-06-1989    Bradwell, St Peters: 5144'N 056'E (Essex)
Sick  (shot) 24-11-1991    Mafra, Lisbon: 3856'N 917'W (Estremadura) Portugal   1,628km   SSW   2y 4m 30d  (Map)
ER55018 Nestling 26-05-1990    Oving Hill Farm, Woodham, Aylesbury: 5152'N 059'W (Buckinghamshire)
Dead 07-12-1990    St Peter Port: 4928'N 232'W (Guernsey) Channel Islands   288km   SSW   0y 6m 11d  (Map)
ER27587 Nestling Female 17-06-1991    Rosegrove, Burnley: 5347'N 217'W (Lancashire)
Freshly dead  (trapped) 14-03-1992    near Kasba Tadla: 3236'N 616'W Morocco   2,375km   S   0y 8m 26d  (Map)
EN77655 Nestling 01-06-1993    Place name unknown: 5331'N 32'W (Merseyside)
Long dead 16-04-1994    Vieira de Leiria, Leiria: 3952'N 858'W (Beira Litoral) Portugal   1,581km   SSW   0y 10m 15d  (Map)
ES53794 Nestling 19-06-1994    Morrison Bank: 5520'N 448'W (Strathclyde)
Freshly dead  (electrocuted) 11-10-1994    la Perdoma, la Orotava: 2823'N 1633'W Canary Islands   3,076km   SSW   0y 3m 22d  (Map)
ES67247 Adult Male 02-10-1996    Holland Haven: 5148'N 113'E (Essex)
Caught by ringer 23-06-2002    Maalahti, Overmalax, Molapne: 6253'N 2139'E (Vaasa) Finland   1,729km   NE   5y 8m 21d  (Map)

The following birds ringed abroad have been found in Britain & Ireland (countries with 5 or fewer such records):
CIJ First-year Female 09-11-1983    la Fougeraie, Sark: 4927'N 221'W (Sark) Channel Islands
Z0735 Dead  (hit wires) (25-07-1984)  Flore, near Northampton: 5214'N 13'W (Northamptonshire)   322km   NNE   0y 8m 16d  (Map)
CIJ Nestling 18-07-1992    Les Eperons, St Andrew's: 4926'N 234'W (Guernsey) Channel Islands
Z1323 Dead (09-09-1992)  Whitsand Bay: 5020'N 414'W (Cornwall)   154km   NW   0y 1m 22d  (Map)
CSP Juvenile 04-07-1975    Grygov: 4932'N 1719'E (Olomouc) Czech Republic
E233306 Dead  (leg only) 23-09-1976    Walton-on-the-Naze: 5151'N 116'E (Essex)   1,159km   WNW   1y 2m 19d  (Map)
FRP Adult Female 19-06-1986    Bois-Normand-Pres-Lyre: 4854'N 042'E (Eure) France
FT35584 Freshly dead 17-09-1986    Robbers Bridge, Porlock: 5112'N 341'W (Somerset)   404km   NW   0y 2m 29d  (Map)
FRP Adult Female 20-10-2007    Etang Des Mee, Saosnes: 4819'N 016'E (Sarthe) France
FT30318 Long dead  (hit glass) 19-06-2008    Middle Tysoe: 526'N 131'W (Warwickshire)   440km   NNW   0y 7m 30d  (Map)
FRP Nestling Female 04-06-1978    Hauteroche: 4730'N 435'E (Cote d'Or) France
EA470617 Dead  (hit by car) 21-10-1979    Wetwang, Driffield: 541'N 034'W (Humberside)   809km   NNW   1y 4m 17d  (Map)
FRP Nestling 02-06-1989    Lieusaint: 4928'N 128'W (Manche) France
FT27746 Dead 20-10-1991    River Wharfe, near Grassington: 544'N 21'W (North Yorkshire)   512km   N   2y 4m 18d  (Map)
DEW Nestling 29-06-2005    Horup, Sonnichsen: 5444'N 96'E (Schleswig-Holstein) Germany
5345042 Freshly dead 07-11-2005    Ouse Bridge Farm, Denver Sluice, Downham Market: 5234'N 020'E (Norfolk)   626km   WSW   0y 4m 9d  (Map)
DEH Nestling 11-06-2011    Lutzow: 5339'N 1111'E (Rostock) Germany
IA141867 Dead 25-04-2012    Edgemond, Newport: 5245'N 224'W (Shropshire)   911km   W   0y 10m 14d  (Map)
DFH First-year Female 26-01-1987    near Sonsbeck: 5137'N 622'E (Dusseldorf) Germany
5284016 Dead  (hit by car) 03-12-1989    near Ripon: 546'N 131'W (North Yorkshire)   596km   WNW   2y 10m 7d  (Map)
BLB Nestling 04-06-1983    Luxembourg: 4935'N 68'E Luxembourg
E90742 Dead 04-08-1983    Shannon Airport: 5242'N 857'W (Clare)   1,107km   WNW   0y 2m 0d  (Map)
PLG Nestling 05-07-1936    Sroda Slaska: 519'N 1635'E (Wroclaw) Poland
261E Unknown 14-11-1937    Huby: 545'N 18'W (North Yorkshire)   1,238km   WNW   1y 4m 9d  (Map)
ESI First-year Female 07-12-2004    Aznalcazar: 376'N 616'W (Sevilla) Spain
5082775 Freshly dead 14-02-2006    Manor Farm, Wootton: 5047'N 140'W (Hampshire)   1,564km   NNE   1y 2m 7d  (Map)
ESI First-year Female 09-12-2004    Aznalcazar: 376'N 616'W (Sevilla) Spain
5082779 Freshly dead  (hit glass) 01-09-2005    Lyth: 5832'N 315'W (Highland Region)   2,392km   N   0y 8m 23d  (Map)

Citation:Robinson, R.A. & Clark, J.A.(2014) The Online Ringing Report: Bird ringing in Britain & Ireland in 2013 BTO, Thetford (http://www.bto.org/ringing-report, created on 30-May-2014)

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