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Summary of all Ringing Recoveries for Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus)

This page presents information on recoveries of Oystercatcher that have been ringed or recovered in Britain & Ireland. The map shows all records of birds ringed in Britain & Ireland and recovered abroad (purple) and birds ringed abroad and recovered in Britain & Ireland (orange).
The table then summarises the number of birds that have moved between different counties of Britain & Ireland and between other countries and then gives a selection of recoveries. First are listed the number of birds found in each county, then the number of birds ringed in each county. In the next two columns are listed the number of birds ringed abroad and found in Britain & Ireland and the then number of birds ringed in Britain & Ireland and found abroad.

A selection of recoveries are given in full because they represent particularly long-lived birds (the national longevity is indicated with a link to details of this record), birds which have moved a long distance within Britain and Ireland, birds which have gone to, or come from countries with few such recoveries, or because few birds of this species have been recovered, or because the report has been flagged as interesting, usually from having moved a long distance in a small number of days. NOTE: For some sensitive species, co-ordinates may be inaccurate (by up to 5km) in which case they are preceded by a c. or witheld. In this case the county is given, in a small number of cases this too may be inaccurate. For birds that have moved more than 20km a link is provided to a map showing ringing and finding locations. Ringing location is marked by a blue (R), finding locations are numbered in sequence, if there are more than ten finding locations, subequent markers will be labelled (x). Finding markers are coloured red for birds found dead and green for birds seen alive, for those where this is not known the marker will be white. If a bird is found multiple times at the same site only one marker will be visible.

If the map links do not work, you may need to enable ActiveX controls or click to allow Blocked Content depending on your browser.

For longevity and distance records an individual is only included once, for reports to and from countries an individual may be reported multiple times, particulary if it bears a colour mark or other means of identification in the field. Some older (mostly foreign) recoveries are also included where these were received in the year reported on. For full details of how these birds have been selected click here.

For other information, have a look at the BirdFacts page for Oystercatcher


Number of birds ringed or recovered in counties of Britain & Ireland, or countries overseas

County Ringed in Found in Country Ringed in Found in
Anglesey 217 135 Bear Island 0 1
Antrim 60 34 Belgium 8 9
Avon 1 5 Channel Islands 5 7
Bedfordshire 1 0 Denmark 3 39
Borders Region 42 44 English Channel and Irish Sea 28 9
Britain 0 3 Estonia 1 0
Buckinghamshire 1 0 Faeroes 35 403
Cambridgeshire 3 6 Finland 0 2
Central Region 6 13 France 11 412
Cheshire 96 60 Germany 4 32
Clare 0 11 Greenland 0 3
Cleveland 138 46 Iceland 81 152
Clwyd 435 151 Morocco 0 4
Cork 22 29 North Sea 0 25
Cornwall 104 62 Norway 191 1,108
Cumbria 774 585 Poland 1 0
Derbyshire 1 2 Portugal 0 10
Devon 339 185 Russia 1 9
Donegal 5 17 Spain 0 25
Dorset 115 58 Sweden 1 11
Down 61 50 The Netherlands 52 374
Dublin 11 12
Dumfries & Galloway 219 215
Durham 3 11
Dyfed 636 213
E.Leinster 2 2
E.Ulster 2 4
England 1 0
Essex 20 26
Fair Isle 134 70
Fife Region 171 154
Galway 0 7
Glamorgan 230 382
Gloucestershire 8 4
Grampian Region 444 641
Greater London 0 2
Gwent 0 3
Gwynedd 850 570
Hampshire 127 50
Highland Region 985 884
Humberside 8 24
Isle of Man 49 45
Isle of Wight 0 1
Kent 25 35
Kerry 1 14
Lancashire 220 337
Leicestershire 1 0
Limerick 0 1
Lincolnshire 1,263 674
Londonderry 3 4
Lothian Region 114 89
Louth 0 8
Mayo 7 10
Meath 0 2
Merseyside 217 141
N.Munster 0 2
Norfolk 1,530 883
North Yorkshire 18 27
Northumberland 18 47
Nottinghamshire 0 1
Orkney 261 418
Powys 0 1
S.Leinster 1 1
Scilly Isles 2 4
Shetland 224 280
Shropshire 2 1
Somerset 9 5
South Yorkshire 1 2
Strathclyde 108 211
Suffolk 78 66
Sussex 4 10
Tayside 207 291
Tyne & Wear 1 2
Tyrone 0 1
W.Connaught 2 4
Warwickshire 0 1
Waterford 3 16
West Yorkshire 2 5
Western Isles 101 111
Wexford 12 20
Wicklow 0 3
Wiltshire 1 0
TOTALS 10,757 8,544 TOTALS 422 2,635

Foreign location of birds ringed or recovered in Britain & Ireland:

Colour of location: Ringed in Britain & Ireland, Found Here; Ringed Here, Found in Britain & Ireland

A selection of interesting recoveries:

The longevity record for this species is: 40 years 1 month 2 days set in 2010 (Full details).
The following birds are the oldest reported from Britain & Ireland
FS29781 Second-year 28-05-1972    Heacham: c. 5254'N 028'E (Norfolk)
Dead 18-09-2008    Snettisham: 5252'N 026'E (Norfolk)   5km   36y 3m 21d 
FV28045 First-year 05-09-1975    Terrington, King's Lynn: 5248'N 018'E (Norfolk)
Dead 25-12-2010    Snettisham: 5253'N 027'E (Norfolk)   14km   NE   35y 3m 20d 
FV50620 Second-year 08-08-1979    Terrington, King's Lynn: 5248'N 018'E (Norfolk)
Caught by ringer 14-11-1992    Heacham: c. 5254'N 028'E (Norfolk)   16km   NE   13y 3m 6d 
FV90631 First-year 27-10-1979    Dibden Bay: 5053'N 125'W (Hampshire)
Freshly dead 26-06-2013    Hayling Island: 5048'N 059'W (Hampshire)   32km   ESE   33y 7m 30d  (Map)
FV08988 Adult 02-03-1980    Point of Ayr: 5321'N 319'W (Clwyd)
Freshly dead 18-05-2013    Quendale: 5953'N 120'W (Shetland)   738km   N   33y 2m 16d  (Map)

The following birds moved the greatest distance within Britain & Ireland (more than 100km):
SS95313 Second-year 14-08-1972    A39 Between Wadebridge and, St Columb: c. 5029'N 453'W (Cornwall)
Dead  (leg only) 29-03-1978    Place name unknown: c. 6030'N 136'W (Shetland)   1,130km   N   5y 7m 15d  (Map)
3018911 Nestling 06-07-1957    Fetlar: 6036'N 050'W (Shetland)
Dead (16-11-1957)  Millbrook: 5020'N 413'W (Cornwall)   1,160km   SSW   0y 4m 10d  (Map)
FS61882 Adult 15-08-1976    A39 Between Wadebridge and, St Columb: c. 5029'N 453'W (Cornwall)
Long dead  (predated) 27-08-1977    Place name unknown: c. 6036'N 124'W (Shetland)   1,143km   N   1y 0m 12d  (Map)
FV42847 Adult 07-08-1978    Camel Estuary, Wadebridge: 5032'N 451'W (Cornwall)
Freshly dead 22-04-1984    near Gunnister, Unst: 6043'N 055'W (Shetland)   1,158km   NNE   5y 8m 15d  (Map)
FV63662 Adult 18-02-1983    Dawlish Warren, Exe Estuary: 5037'N 326'W (Devon)
Long dead  (hit by car) 01-06-1986    Hill of Voesgarth, Unst: 6045'N 053'W (Shetland)   1,137km   N   3y 3m 14d  (Map)

The following birds ringed in Britain & Ireland have been found abroad (countries with 5 or fewer such recoveries):
AT83155 Full-grown 17-08-1962    Holbeach Marsh: 5254'N 04'E (Lincolnshire)
Freshly dead  (shot) 16-12-1962    near Bouznika: 3349'N 710'W Morocco   2,197km   SSW   0y 3m 29d  (Map)
SS95708 Adult 19-01-1969    Place name unknown: c. 546'N 318'W (Cumbria)
Long dead 11-06-1977    Place name unknown: c. 7430'N 1918'E Bear Island   2,490km   NNE   8y 4m 23d  (Map)
SS48164 Nestling 09-06-1969    Skokholm: c. 5142'N 518'W (Dyfed)
Freshly dead  (shot) 22-10-1972    Place name unknown: c. 3236'N 96'W Morocco   2,144km   S   3y 4m 13d  (Map)
SS77768 Second-year 05-07-1969    Heacham: 5253'N 028'E (Norfolk)
Unknown 15-07-1979    Seglinge, Kumlinge: 6012'N 2041'E (Aland) Finland   1,477km   ENE   10y 0m 10d  (Map)
FS87761 Second-year 14-01-1975    Brownsea Island, Poole: 5042'N 158'W (Dorset)
Freshly dead  (shot) 15-04-1979    Frederiksdal, Julianehab: 6045'N 460'W Greenland   2,955km   WNW   4y 3m 1d  (Map)
3011851 Nestling 01-07-1958    Place name unknown: 5259'N 042'E (Norfolk)
Long dead 26-12-1958    Imsouane: 310'N 950'W Morocco   2,588km   SSW   0y 5m 25d  (Map)
FV50652 Adult 08-08-1979    Terrington, King's Lynn: 5248'N 015'E (Norfolk)
Freshly dead  (shot) (20-08-1991)  Kangerlussuaq: 6815'N 320'W Greenland   2,432km   NW   12y 0m 12d  (Map)
FR92351 Adult 03-10-1990    Dawlish Warren, Exe Estuary: 5037'N 326'W (Devon)
Freshly dead  (shot) 06-04-1998    Ammassivik, Nanortalik District: 6036'N 4523'W Greenland   2,840km   WNW   7y 6m 3d  (Map)
FA18229 Adult 31-03-1991    Fasque, Fettercairn: 5652'N 235'W (Grampian Region)
Sick (05-08-1995)  Sidi Ouassel: 3216'N 915'W Morocco   2,781km   SSW   4y 4m 5d  (Map)
FA47370 Adult 10-01-1993    Terrington Bund: 5249'N 017'E (Norfolk)
Freshly dead (02-06-1994)  Oro Island, Dragsfjard District: 5948'N 2221'E (Turku-Pori) Finland   1,562km   ENE   1y 4m 23d  (Map)

The following birds ringed abroad have been found in Britain & Ireland (countries with 5 or fewer such records):
SUM Adult 03-06-1962    Liia Island, Matsalu, National Park: 5844'N 2346'E (Estoniya) Estonia
M99843 Alive  (colour marks seen) 02-01-1964    Dawlish, Exe Estuary: 5034'N 327'W (Devon)   1,964km   WSW   1y 6m 30d  (Map)
CIJ Adult 05-11-1986    Le Hocq: 4910'N 24'W (Jersey) Channel Islands
E3774 Caught by ringer 23-03-1991    Fasque, Fettercairn: 5652'N 235'W (Grampian Region)   856km   N   4y 4m 18d  (Map)
CIJ Adult 05-11-1986    Le Hocq: 4910'N 24'W (Jersey) Channel Islands
E3758 Dead (24-07-1990)  Raasay, Inner Hebrides: 5723'N 60'W (Highland Region)   949km   NNW   3y 8m 19d  (Map)
CIJ Adult 13-03-1986    Le Hocq: 4910'N 23'W (Jersey) Channel Islands
E3537 Dead  (hit by car) 23-04-1994    Crossopoll, Isle of Tiree: 5632'N 648'W (Strathclyde)   878km   NNW   8y 1m 10d  (Map)
CIJ First-year 13-02-1985    L'etacq: 4914'N 214'W (Jersey) Channel Islands
E3358 Long dead 05-02-1989    Port Carlisle: 5456'N 311'W (Cumbria)   637km   N   3y 11m 23d  (Map)
CIJ Full-grown 31-01-1994    Le Hocq: 4910'N 23'W (Jersey) Channel Islands
D3546 Freshly dead  (hit by car) 11-04-1994    Oldmeldrum: 5720'N 219'W (Grampian Region)   907km   N   0y 2m 11d  (Map)
DKC First-year 26-07-1962    Amager: 5538'N 1234'E (Sjaelland) Denmark
488992 Unknown  (ring only) 18-09-2002    Western Court, Bishop Sutton, near Winchester: 514'N 18'W (Hampshire)   1,040km   WSW   40y 1m 23d  (Map)
DKC First-year 10-07-1969    Langli, Ho Bugt, Vadehavsoerne: 5531'N 819'E (Jylland) Denmark
442448 Caught by ringer 30-01-1971    Heacham: 5255'N 030'E (Norfolk)   584km   WSW   1y 6m 20d  (Map)
DKC Adult 15-05-1958    Saltholm: 5538'N 1246'E (Sjaelland) Denmark
482033 Dead 31-03-1963    Clacton-on-Sea: 5148'N 19'E (Essex)   874km   WSW   4y 10m 16d  (Map)
DFH Nestling 15-07-1912    Insel Sylt: c. 5455'N 820'E (Nordfriesische Inseln) Germany
672 Unknown 01-03-1922    Cardiff: 5130'N 313'W (Glamorgan)   857km   WSW   9y 7m 14d  (Map)
DFH Adult 17-09-1978    Helgoland: 5411'N 755'E (Helgoland) Germany
455434 Caught by ringer 09-09-1986    Friskney: 533'N 015'E (Lincolnshire)   521km   WSW   7y 11m 23d  (Map)
DFH Nestling 26-07-1973    Amrum: 5439'N 821'E (Nordfriesische Inseln) Germany
480396 Dead 20-02-1987    Scolt Head: 5259'N 044'E (Norfolk)   533km   WSW   13y 6m 25d  (Map)
DDH Nestling 16-06-1975    Langenwerder, Insel Poel: 542'N 1130'E (Schleswig-Holstein) Germany
401709 Caught by ringer 12-06-1976    Wainfleet, Skegness: 534'N 015'E (Lincolnshire)   750km   W   0y 11m 27d  (Map)
PLG First-year 30-08-1985    Vistula Mouth, Swibno: 5420'N 1856'E (Gdansk) Poland
EA00103 Caught by ringer 15-11-1985    Brownsea Island, Poole: 5042'N 158'W (Dorset)   1,469km   WSW   0y 2m 16d  (Map)
SUM Nestling 24-06-1967    Kandalaksha: 672'N 3235'E (Murmansk) Russia
E622701 Dead 15-09-1967    Salthouse, Holt: 5257'N 15'E (Norfolk)   2,324km   SW   0y 2m 22d  (Map)
SVS Nestling 19-06-1969    Galtabacks Hamn, Tvaaker: 572'N 1219'E (Halland) Sweden
8021703 Caught by ringer 29-08-1969    Dawsmere, Holbeach Marsh: 5251'N 07'E (Lincolnshire)   906km   WSW   0y 2m 10d  (Map)

Citation:Robinson, R.A. & Clark, J.A.(2014) The Online Ringing Report: Bird ringing in Britain & Ireland in 2013 BTO, Thetford (http://www.bto.org/ringing-report, created on 30-May-2014)

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