Annual Ringing Totals for Britain & Ireland

Annual ringing totals for 1909-2013 for Bee-eater (Merops apiaster). Pulli are birds ringed in the nest, juveniles are those identified as being in their first calendar year, adults are all birds in their second or later calendar year. Some birds cannot be aged by plumage characteristics, these unaged birds are tabulated separately and are included in the totals for the year.

Note: for 1909-1930, only total numbers of birds ringed are available; for 1931-2009, the totals are separated into pulli and fully-grown birds (including juveniles and adults).

The totals for 1909-2009 are derived from annual totals submitted to BTO by ringers. Some corrections have been made to totals published previously in annual ringing reports. If no data are shown for a particular year or species, no birds of that species were ringed in that year.

All data for 2010 and subsequent years have been computerised and these totals are derived from the computerised data.

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Merops apiaster
Pullus Full-grown Total
Grand Total (1909-2013)     1
1989 0 1 1

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