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Site location Kilbirnie Loch Beith (72081), year summary (1967-1968 to 2012-2013) and boundary.

WeBS records show that this location is currently allocated to a counter. These records may not be up to date, so if you are interested in contributing to WeBS by counting this section, please contact the relevant Local Organiser (open new window here). Even if the site is currently covered, your Local Organiser would be interested in hearing from you as potential back-up cover if the regular counter was unavailable.

The graph below shows the summary of core counts entered by year.

WeBS graph

The map right shows the boundary of the site. Black coloured sites are parent sites, made up of smaller ones. Yellow coloured sites are considered accurate boundaries. Red coloured sites are those for which we have no map on file and are thus only estimates of the boundary; in these cases, we would very much appreciate an accurate map of the count boundary to be submitted. Please send any map corrections to the WeBS Office here.

Any surrounding sites are shown in blue. Left clicking on these will display their details.

You can change the type of map with the different buttons and see the wider area with the 'rover' window (bottom right hand pane). You can use the slider bar to zoom in/out, and hover mouse over the site star to see site details. Counts received on paper in recent WeBS year may not yet be transferred to the online database. Missing counts may be due to a different, overlapping count section being recorded. For further clarification of any coverage issues please contact the WeBS Office.


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