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Regional Detail: Ayrshire

Major WeBS sites (recent average > 1000 birds) with 'Core' count methods located within this area are shown on the left, and other sites shown on the right (click grid reference to view site location, boundary and sumary of counts/yr entered). You can also view a map of the location of all sites listed below by clicking on the small map icon just to the right. Small uk icon

Major WeBS sites

Name (click to view) Grid ref.
Ardrossan South (72430) NS233415
Ardrossan-West Kilbride (72431) NS204453
Ayr to North Troon (72425) NS343273
Doon Estuary (72421) NS322209
Girvan to Turnberry (72415) NS200030
Hunterston Lagoon (72082) NS202541
Hunterston Sands (72432) NS177518
Irvine and Garnock Estuary (72427) NS302395
Wemyss Bay to Fairlie (72449) NS201595

Sectors of Major WeBS sites

Name (click to view) Grid ref.
Ayr Harbour - Greenan Castle (Doon Estuary) (72426) NS330227
Ayr Harbour to Blackburn Rocks (Doon Estuary) (72420) NS330215
Ayr Harbour to Pow Burn (Ayr to North Troon) (72422) NS336254
Balkenna Isle (Girvan to Turnberry) (72911) NS198044
Barassie to Troon (Ayr to North Troon) (72409) NS315319
Dipple (Girvan to Turnberry) (72361) NS197028
Dipple to Girvan Mains (Girvan to Turnberry) (72410) NS192008
Largs to Fairlie (Wemyss Bay to Fairlie) (72450) NS199581
Largs to Wemyss Bay (Wemyss Bay to Fairlie) (72451) NS190643
Pow Burn to Barassie (Ayr to North Troon) (72424) NS315305
Troon to Pow Burn (Ayr to North Troon) (72423) NS320298
Turnberry Point and Bay (Girvan to Turnberry) (72910) NS196058
Turnberry to Dipple Shore (Girvan to Turnberry) (72411) NS197040

Other WeBS sites

Name (click to view) Grid ref.
Afton Reservoir (72121) NS634041
Ardeer Lake (72071) NS271416
Auchenharvie Golf Course (72080) NS263415
Ayr Bay (72414) NS311193
Ayr1 (Defunct) (72X01) NS311193
Barassie to Ardrossan (72429) NS283385
Barnshean Loch (72012) NS379113
Bellisle Reservoir (72167) NS488347
Belston Loch (72038) NS475169
Bennecarrigan (72G01) NR945245
Black Loch (New Cumnock) (72051) NS591162
Black Water Shiskine Arran (72391) NR906299
Blairbowie Farm Flash (72007) NS324114
Bogton Loch (72014) NS468054
Broomberry Flash (72021) NS345165
Burnfoot Reservoir (72165) NS451449
Busbie Muir Reservoir (72143) NS241466
Caaf Reservoir (72142) NS250502
Cairnhill Pond (72504) NS242000
Cairnhill Pond Bargany (72004) NS245005
Capringstone (72326) NS358389
Carcluie Loch (72022) NS348161
Carrochburn Mauchline (72321) NS475295
Chapelton Loch (72009) NS322097
Chapelton Marsh (72508) NS327092
Common Loch (Lugar) (72055) NS591223
Craigdow Loch (72008) NS263065
Craigendunton Reservoir (72169) NS527457
Crawfurdland Loch (72062) NS458414
Creoch Loch (72053) NS596150
Culzean Bay (72460) NS244118
Culzean Pond (72001) NS224096
Drumlamford Loch (72020) NX280775
Drumore Loch (Ayrshire) (72006) NS339097
Dundonald Reservoir (72148) NS350331
Dunure - Culzean (72402) NS241128
Eglinton Park (72036) NS326422
Fail Loch Tarbolton (72043) NS426291
Fairlie Pier - Seamill (72403) NS173510
Fergus Loch (72032) NS392182
Galston Marshes (72313) NS485375
Garnock Floods (72331) NS303414
Girvan - Ballantrae (72404) NX125895
Girvan Harbour (72413) NX180983
Glenbuck Reservoir (72131) NS757287
Glenburn Reservoir (Ayrshire) (72146) NS216518
Glenside Loch Maybole (72010) NS289081
Haylie Reservoir Fairlie (72151) NS216580
Highfield Pool (72072) NS309502
Hunterston to Fairlie (72434) NS201551
Irvine Bay (72406) NS300369
Irvine to Saltcoats (72428) NS279395
Isle of Cumbrae (72448) NS165565
Kay Park Lake Kilmarnock (72061) NS435383
Kerse Loch (72035) NS424144
Kilantringan Loch (72018) NX090789
Kilbirnie Loch Beith (72081) NS331545
Knockendon Reservoir (72145) NS241521
Knockshinnoch Lagoons (72054) NS605135
Lendalfoot (72408) NX125895
Loch Croot (72013) NS377120
Loch Dornal (72019) NX292761
Loch Gower (72024) NX288772
Loch Lea Loch (72042) NS457303
Loch Nahinie (72023) NX278771
Loch O' Th' Lowes (New Cumnock) (72052) NS602145
Loch Spallander (72111) NS390080
Loch Stornoway Area (72G04) NR735615
Loch of The Lowes Black Loch and Creoch Loch Combined (72552) NS605145
Lochspouts Maybole (72002) NS288058
Maidens Harbour (72412) NS214083
Maidens- Dipple (72407) NS198040
Martnaham Fergus and Snipe Lochs Combined (72531) NS395175
Martnaham Loch (72031) NS396173
Meadowhead Sandpit (72202) NS333361
Meadownay Farm Pools (72039) NS290125
Mill Glen Reservoir (72144) NS238447
Millburn (72G03) NS455295
Mochrum Loch Maybole (72005) NS270092
Muirhead and Camphill Reservoirs (72152) NS263560
Mumnock Caaf and Glenburn Reservoirs (72641) NS255475
Munnoch Reservoir (72141) NS251477
New Cumnock Meadows (72S01) NS625135
Northcraig Reservoir (72161) NS437413
Oldhall Ponds (72075) NS337364
Penwhapple Reservoir (72101) NX260974
Pinbraid Fishery (72056) NX149875
Raith Reservoir (72157) NS396271
River Ayr Barskimming near Stair (72303) NS475255
Shankston Loch (72011) NS393118
Shankston Loch including Barnshean and Croot (72511) NS385115
Shewalton Sand Pit (72201) NS323370
Shewalton Wood Ponds (72076) NS343359
Shiskine Valley (72392) NR915315
Snipe Loch (72033) NS385173
Stevenston (Ashgrove) Loch (72147) NS274444
Stinchar Estuary (72405) NX085815
Tarryholme (72325) NS330377
Tayinloan (72G02) NR695455
Trabboch Loch (72034) NS436219
Troon Meikle Craigs (72401) NS324286
Tunnoch Loch Maybole (72003) NS313096
Turnberry Pool (72057) NS206065
Warwickdale Flash (72327) NS368402

Sectors of Other WeBS sites

Name (click to view) Grid ref.
Balloch Bay Great Cumbrae (Isle of Cumbrae) NS185575
Clashfarland Point to Ferry (Isle of Cumbrae) NS184575
Deadmans Bay Great Cumbrae (Isle of Cumbrae) NS155555
Farland Point to Clashfarland Point (Isle of Cumbrae) NS181550
Ferry to Skate Point (Isle of Cumbrae) NS174591
Fintray Bay Great Cumbrae (Isle of Cumbrae) NS155565
Kames Bay Great Cumbrae (Isle of Cumbrae) NS170549
Millport Bay (Isle of Cumbrae) NS166545
Sherriff's Point to Millport (Isle of Cumbrae) NS150544
Skate Point Great Cumbrae (Isle of Cumbrae) NS165585
Skate Point to Sherriffs Point (Isle of Cumbrae) NS153569
White Bay Great Cumbrae (Isle of Cumbrae) NS175595

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