Lark Sparrow Chondestes grammacus   [Say, 1823]

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Date created: 23-January-2017

Order: Passeriformes Family: Emberizidae
BTO Codes: , LARSP EURING No: 18240
Number in Britain: Fewer than 20 records
Conservation Status:
UK: Not Assessed
European: Not Assessed
Global: Least Concern (Details)
Status in UK: (A)  Accidental
Subspecies: grammacus recorded in Britain (of 2 subsp. in the world)
Length: 16 cm Wingspan: 26 cm Weight: M/F: 29 g    
Scientific name from: Gr.: khondros=a seed + edestes=an eater and Gr.: grammikos=striped (from gramme=line)
World Distribution: North America
Habitat: Prairie, farmland
Diet: In summer, insects and seeds, in winter mostly seeds
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Records and Distribution

First Record: Suffolk, 1981 (Charlton, T.D. 1995. British Birds 88:395-400)
Total Number of Records (1950-2007): 2 Most Likely to Occur in: Too few records
Most Recent County Records:
   North-east England:
   North-west England:
   English Midlands:
   Eastern England: Norfolk (1991), Suffolk (1981),
   South-east England:
   South-west England:

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Other Names

Gaelic: Welsh:
Danish: Lærkesperv Dutch: Roodoorgors
Finnish: Sydänsirkku French: Bruant à joues marron
German: Rainammer Hungarian: Pacsirtaveréb
Icelandic: Nóntittlingur Irish:
Italian: Passero calandra Norwegian: Lerkespurv
Polish: Nieszporek polny Portuguese:
Spanish: Chingolo arlequín Swedish: Lärksparv

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