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To take part in our online surveys you first need to register. Please enter your details below. You can use the 'tab' key to move to the next field.
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 2. Forwarding information to local bird recorders
We would like to be able to forward some of the records that you submit via BTO on-line surveys to relevant county and local bird recorders so that your records also contribute to knowledge about the birds of your local area. Local bird recorders also need to be supplied with your name, address and email address so that they can contact you if they have any queries about your records. Once such data have been supplied responsibility for their use rests with the local bird recorders concerned and not with the BTO. An indicative list of local recorders to whom data may be supplied can be viewed here. This does not apply to any ringing data.

Please forward my records and personal details to relevant local bird recorders where appropriate
 3. BTO membership details
GBW Number:   If you already participate in BTO's Garden BirdWatch project, please enter your GBW number to ensure that this registration is consistent with our existing membership list.
 4. Postal communications
The BTO promise not to sell your details to anyone else. We would like to send you information about our research, conservation and fundraising activities and about BTO Services Ltd, our subsidiary trading company. We may review your details and use them for our market research.

  If, as non-members, you prefer us not to use your details in this way please tick here
 5. Email communications
The BTO would like to contact you by email to tell you about our research, conservation and fundraising work.

  If you would like to receive such email communications please tick here
 6. Terms and conditions, and use of your personal details
Participation in online surveys run by the BTO (including those run in collaboration with third parties such as CJ WildBird Foods, RSPB, JNCC and BirdWatch Ireland) is governed by the standard Terms and Conditions for use of the BTO website and by our Privacy statement that explains how we safeguard your personal data.

  I accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement and I agree to receive email communications about BTO surveys
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